Kerio Cross Sell Promotion - Take an additional 25% off MSRP! - Now through September!

Kerio® Cross Sell Promotion – Take an additional 25% off MSRP!

Big Mountain remains committed to providing the best Kerio experience possible. This post is to announce the latest Kerio® Cross Sell Promotion offering a 25% discount when an existing Kerio customer purchases a new Kerio product.

Conditions of the Promotion

  • All existing Kerio customers are eligible for a 25% discount on any other Kerio product
  • The registrant name needs to match for the discount to be applied
  • The license key of the original product needs to be submitted on the order to get the discount on the additional product(s)
  • The number of users does not need to match with the number of users of the original Kerio product
  • The discount does not apply on Kerio hardware boxes*
  • The promo ends on August 31st, 2015  (Promotion has been extended through September 30, 2015)

More Great News… Stacked Discounts!

Big Mountain will still honor our existing 10% discount on Kerio product licensing. So, while Kerio is offering their 25% discount promotion, Big Mountain is going to add our standard 10% discount, for a huge combined 35% discount! For more information about our 10% discount, please visit Discount on Kerio Licensing and Renewals.

Learn more and to purchase Kerio products

To learn more about Kerio products and to download a data sheet, please visit Kerio Subscription and Renewals. Or, to take advantage of this offer and purchase new Kerio licensing, please contact us online or by calling 866-910-1070.

Big Mountain Mail is a Preferred Kerio Cloud Solutions Partner. Our goal is to always provide the best value and support to our Kerio customers. To learn more about our Kerio hosting solutions, please visit Kerio Connect Cloud shared hosting or our Kerio Connect Dedicated Server pages.

Thank you!

* Kerio® hardware boxes (Kerio Control Appliance, Kerio Operator Appliance) still qualify for Big Mountain’s standard 10% discount.