Our Privacy Policy

Big Mountain Internet Solutions, LLC dba Big Mountain Mail (herein known as Big Mountain) is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement is therefore set out to outline how we make use of the information you submit to us. The terms contained on this page may be revised from time to time. To protect your interests, visit this page periodically to review the current terms of our policy.

Personal information may be requested when you contact us via phone, the website or when you sign up for services provided by Big Mountain. Big Mountain’s purpose in collecting personal information is to identify the client, respond to online form submissions/email or to provide important announcements regarding your service. This data is compiled, analyzed, and used only by Big Mountain. No part of the information collected will be sold, disclosed, or made accessible by third party companies or by the public.

Big Mountain reserves the right to remove any obscene, threatening, or illegal content from our servers. Big Mountain also reserves the right to temporarily suspend and/or terminate your service without prior notice for such violations, including any actions that may pose any online threats, attempts to steal information, general email abuse or spamming.

By use of Big Mountain’s services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to both this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. Download a copy of the Terms and Conditions. If you believe Big Mountain is not abiding by its posted Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, please contact us.